July 1, 2012

It is definitely about that time. That time to unwind, release the stress and have a great time. Off course, the best place to go and feel at ease is at the beach. Buffalo is known to not have many good beaches, but they are working on it. So far the best found is Woodlawn Beach, which was recently renovated and they added a Bar/food, as well as a bonfire area. Its like a little mexican place, some things they serve are nachos, tacos, margaritas, Tequilas, beer, the regular hot dogs/sodas, and most importantly Ice Cream. Coming here, one will really feel at ease with the music playing, a little breeze to blow the hair, birds chirping, and a drink to cool down. So what more could you possibly ask for, besides cleaner beach water and more sand?...  


Obey the rules, since you get to drink on the beach.

Relax Time.

Hamburg drum group, came to filter the ears with good beats.


 Reserved for happiness.

Thanks again for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos of this soon to be good beach. They are working very hard to make this place the best place to be. As a resident of Buffalo now, I support and believe in them. For change is not made overnight, but rather overtime. Be sure to leave a comment, for it is very much appreciated and come back again. Have a great day!

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