May 3, 2012

Peace bridge

The Peace bridge is a bridge between the U.S. and Canada. On the U.S. side it connects in Buffalo, New York and on the Canadian side its the Town of Fort Erie. It crosses over the Niagara River, and it is the bridge people many use to get to canada. On this bridge one can walk, drive, or even cycle if they wanted, because it was build to have this type of accessibility. I've always drove across, but I am planning on walking or cycling one of these days. It seems like it would be a great thing to do on a nice lovely day. I took these photos walking under the bridge at the Foot of Ferry. I was able to capture these images at sunset until dusk, where by as you see I got to capture the colorful lights on the bridge. This is something that was done about three to four years ago, before that the bridge was just plain no lights. It looked kind of boring, now that the lights were added I can take amazing pictures like these at night. During the day it looks nice as well. 

May 1, 2012


It was after work that I decided to take a walk. Since I always carry my camera with me, I was able to capture this shot at 7:54PM right when the sun was setting. I love that I was able to capture this image with the silhouette of the tree branches and the chapel as well. I was standing on the ground of University at Buffalo, South Campus right across the street from this chapel. It is moments like this that puts a smile on my face, because everything just seems at ease. 

The Next four sunset images were taken at the Tow Tower Park on Hertel Ave, Buffalo, New York.