September 18, 2012

    Featuring Ola: "She wears nothing, but her fierce confidence!"

While the sun is shining and the leaves are blowing, a photograph is being taken. Not only is it capturing her surrounding, but it is also capturing her fierce looks. The sense of style and fashion is something that some may struggle with, but for her it is something that comes natural. Her setup and movement all came natural when the camera was pointing at her, she knew how to move around. Confidence is what she carries, and was not afraid to show it. Not only was it a good day to do the photo shoot, but it was a pleasure photographing someone who had a passion for fashion and modeling. Both her and the weather cooperated, so hope to do another one sooner or later.

Stylish, end of first shoot!

End of second photo shoot!

The most unique, and serious style! 

Thank for visiting my page, and I hope you enjoyed viewing this photoshoot of Ola. Have a blessed day, and be sure to comment if you would like!!