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My name is Joyce Adiges, I graduated from the University of Buffalo with a double major in Photography and English. Blogging is something I started in order to share my photos with the world around me. The name Ada is my home name, given to me by my mom. Which is why I am using it as my Blog page name, because it is unique and dear to me. It is a name from my tribe(Madi).I Was born in Khartoum, Sudan and when I was about five my family and I moved to Egypt. Then from there we came to the United States in 1998, and I've been living in Buffalo ever since.

I love taking photos, this is something that calms me down when I get overwhelmed. Photography makes me strong, and I am happy when I get a moment that makes my heart skip a beat. It started out as a hobby, then I took it as a class for an art requirement, the professor that I had was really great. She loved my unique perspective, so she pushed me to discover it by taking more photo classes. Now it has become something that I want to do as a profession. That is why I am going to school for it, because I want to earn my degree in it and start a career in Photojournalism. I love to travel and I am one of those that like capturing images that can tell a story by itself those "Decisive Moments" as Henri Cartier-Bresson  would say. He is one of my favorite photographers, along with Weegee, Robert Frank and Wlaker Evans. Although they have passed away, I still admire their works. I also love to write and work with kids, that is why I picked up English as my second major. This is because I want to teach English abroad, I also hope to work as an editor and hope to publish a book one day. 

This blog will consist of self-portraits, landscapes, and event/non-event photos. Most of the work will probably be from Buffalo, New York. However, whenever I travel I will also post photos of the places I went to along with events I've  attended, or hired to take photos for. Blogging is something I am trying to get used to, because so many people have told me about it, they saw my great works and told me to share it with the world in a non- drama place. This way I will get so many reviews, and also what other people are blogging about. "Every one of us are given a tool, and so it is up to us to build something good with it --Ones own mansion" - Joyce Adiges One of my favorite quotes, because this is what pushes me to do what I do everyday when I feel like dropping everything and quitting life. Life is good and there are so many talents out there amongst our peers, it is good when they use it to do something amazing for themselves. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about me, if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments just leave it below and I will be glad to respond back to you. Or you can just email me directly at Jadiges@gmail.com. 

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