July 9, 2016

Flashback to Sydney Australia...Bloody Beautiful!!
Its not everyday one can pick up and travel to another country. Not because you can't, but because there is a lot of planning that takes place. First, the financial, second getting the right documents,  thirdly, finding a place to stay. However, as for me all three processes worked out. I was able to get some financial support to acquire my plane ticket and my Visa. Also the best part was having family that lived there, so finding a place to stay was no problem. At this point the checklist was all checked, and the only thing that remained was departing. The anticipation started building up when I booked my ticket during the middle of June for July 28th to August 27th 2012. At first, I was so excited to go but as the days drew near I started to get a little scared. This is because I have never flew overseas alone, but I knew I wanted to take this vacation so I calmed my nerves. As soon as the 28th of July came, I got on that plane and was ready to land and begin this new adventure "Down Under". Being able to see one of the world wonders was amazing at Sydney.. The Opera House. Looks even lovelier closer with some surrounding locals.

Selling some crafts..

The aboriginals playing music on the street..

Shot from indoors..

Thank You for viewing my page and I hope you like the few pictures I have captured. Leave a comment if you would like and watch out for more posts. Another Australia post coming up soon, then we will move on to other parts of the world that I've visited.. Stay Tunned!