June 29, 2012

Identifying Self: Part 1

Sometimes a moment in a photo can explain a feeling the viewer can only guess. It is times like these that one may wonder what those feelings were, and how relevant it is to their environment. In the course of thinking, and the revolving ideas that run through the mind, the imagination tends to run from one point to another. Whereby, it ends up resembling the bond that the photographer and viewer may share. However, the subject may not, because there is something different running through their mind. Stories are usually told within a photo in order to make sense of the persons world, which would be featuring the self as a character. Image of the self explains many things, from the face expressions to the attire, is what depicts the details that are available for investigation by others. I am usually the one behind the camera, capturing those "decisive moments" but now I share with you my moments that someone else has captured for me. 

All photos were taken in Buffalo New York at Delaware Park.
Smiling for Buffalo, the city that many despise but I appreciate and support. 

Nature never looked this good.

Having a moment with Lincoln.

Whats next from this point on?

I give thanks to Alee Chery for taking a chance to photograph my moments, with a camera that was brand new to him. It was a wonderful day to explore and see new things as well. I hope you enjoyed viewing these photos of the lady behind the camera (Me), be sure sure to leave a comment, and also check out Alee's blog AC Apparel at aleechery.blogspot.com. He blogs about fashion, music, latest news, and personal thoughts on all the things this generation is excited about. He is very diverse with his stuff. Have a blessed day, and keep coming back to see whats new.

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  1. I am loving the outfit, wish I could pull off that hairstyle.These are gorgeous photos!I have to visit NY at some stage.