July 4, 2012

Independence day as we call it, a day to celebrate the history, government, and traditions of the United States. This holiday is very much associated with Fireworks, parades, and festivals. The date that this holiday falls on is July 4th, and the one thing people wait all day to watch at night is the fireworks. It is so beautiful, and worth watching and capturing pictures of. Hear in Buffalo, there were many places where the fireworks took place. The place where these photos were taken at was Buffalo Inner Harbor CanalSide. 

Proud Americans, waiting for the main event.
Naval Ship, in Buffalo's backyard.

My favorite.

What a delightful night it was. I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos of the firework, it was my first attempt. Let me know how I did, and have a blessed day! I hope everyone enjoyed their fourth of July!