June 17, 2012

The first annual Dragon Boat Festival kicked off on Saturday June 16, 2012 at the Gallagher Beach In Buffalo, New York. This festival has been going on in many other locations around the world, but this weekend was the first time it was held here in the Queen City.This event celebrated those who have fought and survived breast cancer. It also allowed the community to either participate in boating or just be spectators to cheer the team that competed. There was a women's, men's, mixed gender's and Breast cancer survivors division that got together to form a team to take off during this event. The teams that were formed represented the Western New York Corporations, Breast Cancer survivors, police forces, firemen, and other community organizations. At this festival, there were many tents set up that included the teams, food, kids corner, and there was also an open area where spectators sat to just watch. There were many people that came out to support someone from their family or a friend that has survived Breast Cancer. This was really a well planned out event, and there were so many volunteers that came out to support in making everything happen for this day. It was a beautiful day for this event, and everyone seemed liked they enjoyed themselves here.
Senator and Congressman Higgins came out to support and present awards.
In honor of Benderson, his family was able to accept the award. 
Awakening the dragon, by dotting its eyes.
Some of the sponsors for this event.
Apples can inhibit Breast Cancer.
This was such an amazing event. Despite the little tipping over of the boat that happened in the middle of the race, the rest of the day ran smoothly. Looking forward to next year for another day of fun. I hope you enjoyed reading about this event, and liked the pictures of this new post. Have a blessed day, and be sure to leave a comment.


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